Ms Raceni – Director of Marketing

“Manufacturing is not my field and we do not have an in-house head of manufacturing.
I need advice, in order develop my […]


Sig.ra Kelgé – Direttrice Artistica

“Sviluppo operazioni di comunicazione, ma non conosco affatto la catena grafica. Mi serve un inquadramento tecnico reattivo molto a monte, che […]


Mr Lautaud – Director of Communication

“Our printing needs are very diverse. They range from the main catalogue to small mailshots, from a basic folder with wide […]


Mr Jorquin – Project Manager

“It’s not always easy to marry cost-cutting with quality requirements and deadlines. Our suppliers can’t always meet these demands and I […]


Ms Lonie – Head of Purchasing

“Since my goal was to cut manufacturing costs, I realised it wasn’t enough to have several suppliers compete. We still needed […]


Mr Rodeger – Director of Purchasing

“I’ve always worked with printers directly. Now I understand the benefit of moving to a print manager like Panoply.
Boasting a large […]


Ms Joutin – Head of Design Team

“We often make last-minute corrections of documents. When the files are in production, managing such interventions is not simple. It’s obvious […]


Mr Ranoisier – Director of Purchasing

“I am responsible for purchasing printed products for a major pharmaceutical lab. I have built an exclusive partnership with Panoply, which […]


Mr Jomenot – Director of Design

“I am personally responsible for every project. The slightest mistake could cost me dearly. However, I don’t have the expertise or […]

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