Our certifications

Panoply is AFNOR- and ISO 9001-certified.

Panoply’s quality-assurance policy meets customer expectations and requirements, provides a comprehensive and coherent service, and ensures continuous improvement of our services to customers.

The day-to-day PROCESSES associated with our goals enable us to consolidate and optimise our organisation and provide the expected service.

Respect for ISO 9001 procedures at every stage of production:

  • Start of job
  • Tracker sheet
  • Checks, warnings, if necessary, and corrective measures
  • IT back-up and maintenance
  • Our finished products follow ISO 9001-certified procedures

The tracker sheet attached to each of your manufacturing jobs can give you an idea of its progress at any time.



Panoply is PEFC- and FSC®-certified:

The environment preserved


We are PEFC- and FSC®-certified, so we choose papermakers and printers that also follow this approach.

These certifications enable us to ensure that the wood fibres used by the papermakers come from well-managed forests and controlled sources, but also that the whole “chain of custody” process – from manufacturing of the paper to printing of the final document – meets traceability and quality-management requirements within certified companies.


FSC : The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sets standards for logging sustainably managed forests. These certifications confer a certain number of guarantees on the user: trees are systematically replanted after felling; the trees are spaced out; forest management is optimised; there are no children involved in logging operations and, in a more general sense, working rights regulations are respected; and protected species of plant and animal are respected.

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