Panoply is a print management agency expert in publishing and printing. We are capable of managing all your jobs, however complex, large or urgent.

Comprehensive management of your publishing and printing projects

Panoply takes care of your projects in their entirety, and can take care of all your manufacturing issues or take action on a specific job.
Our strength at Panoply is that we work directly with your Marketing service, your Purchasers and your Creatives, for more efficient projects. We also support the creative work of communication agencies, offering bespoke solutions for each job.

Offering advice to make your printing jobs successful

Panoply can advise you throughout your whole project.

Upstream of the manufacturing of your communication media, we work to:

  • Summarise information
  • Offer guidance on the technical specifications, following defined areas for rationalisation
  • Establish budgets and quotes
  • Organise production

We bring our printing experience to bear, to enhance the appearance of your communication. We advise you on a diverse range of high-quality media: fine paper, recycled paper, etc.


Panoply Print Creative Services

32 avenue Pierre Grenier

92100 Boulogne-Billancourt