Print Management

Managing various suppliers in each field of printing has a major impact in terms of final cost and working hours.

We can call on 500 European printing supplier working with all the different printing processes (sheet-fed offset, HUV offset, UV, press, digital), as well as a number of producers classified according to their specific characteristics, the selection criteria for which are as follows:

  • Price / Quality / Service
  • Machine stock, technical innovations
  • Performance in the European market (delivery times, responsiveness, receptiveness)
  • Environmental commitment and certifications
  • Continuous monitoring of financial solvency

Print management in a few words

It is project management of all aspects of the printing process. Print managers select the best partners in terms of their skills and their ability to handle the process of manufacturing printed products is the most efficient and economical way, from the initial idea to delivery. They manage the whole of the graphic design process, from selection of the printer, through their forwarding and storage, to the dispatch of the finished documents.
Print management offers an outsourcing solution that frees the customer of constraints, while rationalising costs.
Often working closely with a design studio, which may be in-house, a print manager can also offer its customers artistic design or prepress services.

Who would benefit from print management?

Print management is aimed at companies wanting to:

  • Rationalise their printing expenditures
  • Free up their teams from repetitive tasks related to managing and monitoring printing jobs
  • Reduce their number of suppliers and middle-men
  • Optimise their supply chain for complete control over their communication campaigns
  • “Focus on core”: bring their attention back to the central areas of their business to make efficiency gains


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