POS advertising and information

Panoply’s strength is our ability to meet very diverse requirements for manufacturing POS advertising. We produce tailor-made POS advertising and information, displays and racks, depending on your technical specifications and existing solutions in production.

Each POS advertising project is unique

Would you like to entrust us with one of your POS advertising projects? Panoply is committed to carrying out your project, meeting your needs and respecting your constraints. Our expertise enables us to offer personalised solutions: we know each project is unique.

What our POS advertising centre does:

We take care of very varied POS advertising projects:

  • Signage: panels, shelf stops, banners, streamers, a variety of sizes of introductory and promotional poster, roll-ups, backlit posters, etc.
  • Take-one dispensers on the ground or counter: card, plastic, metal, racks, displays, etc.
  • Second-surface decals: stickers placed on windows that will be visible from the outside, micro-perforated, electrostatic
  • Stretched tarpaulins, canvases, hung scrolls, etc.

We take care of fitting and installation

Our team of fitters operate throughout France and will be able to fit or install your POS advertising. We are also capable of simultaneous installations during your campaign launches.


Panoply Print Creative Services

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