Graphic Design Team

Our graphic design team is dedicated to our customers. The team is made up of computer graphics artists to meet all your needs: initial idea, layout and design.

Our DTP (desktop publishing) service

The role of the DTP service is also to systematically check the files before they go to production, following the ISO 9001 process (package of fonts, bleed, format, crop marks, HD visuals, etc.).
This stage is a source of errors and wasted time when neglected, and is essential in order to go to production efficiently.

DTP style guide

Panoply considers the definition of a DTP style guide of critical importance.
It must identify constraints on document layout:

  • Technical constraints
  • Colour mode
  • Bleed
  • Images
  • Texts
  • Rules
  • Ink coverage and black areas
  • Cutting, gloss and markings

Throughout your project, an expert is at your service and advises you, to ensure your projects’ success.


Panoply Print Creative Services

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