Direct Marketing

Panoply has published a guide advising customers on their direct marketing.

Direct marketing projects require thorough monitoring of the various production stages. To maximise optimisation (cost, duration), it is essential to be able to synchronise the work with other providers: printers, binders, envelope manufacturers, dispatchers, logistics companies, etc.
The tried and tested processes of our print management agency give us control over every stage of production, and considerably reduce durations and costs.

  • We can take care of the franking contract between your company and the French postal service.
  • Setting-up of DTP dispatcher to avoid postal costs

Our dispatchers have a distribution platform that guarantees the security of traffic and saves two days by cutting out the shortcomings of the postal service (48 hours).

  • The mailshots are on a continuous chain and never leave the premises of the dispatchers.
  • Our dispatchers have DTP qualifications, to ensure the process is secure and the files provided are managed properly.
  • The files are processed at a single site, without being transferred to subcontractors.
  • Our suppliers are fully equipped with the latest technology (technological monitoring).
  • Panoply has signed a confidentiality agreement with all its suppliers. It guarantees the content of the mailshots.



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